Section Internationale Britannique

La Section Internationale Britannique

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La Section Internationale Britannique du lycée accueille 27 élèves en secondes, tous recrutés lors d’un test d’entrée (niveau de langue B2 - l’aptitude à suivre un enseignement de littérature / histoire-géographie en anglais ainsi que la motivation des candidats sont aussi évalués).


L’enseignement de littérature Britannique (6h par semaine assurées par deux enseignants) et d’histoire-Géographie  (5h par semaine - assurées en anglais et français par un enseignant) vise à préparer le Baccalauréat Français International (fruit d’un partenariat entre l’université de Cambridge et le ministère de l’éducation nationale).


Lycée Vaugelas’ British Section in 2nde

-leading on to the BFI (Baccalauréat Français International) in 1ere and Terminale-


Please note that the British Section is NOT a European section : learning the language is not the target anymore as students are treated as English-speaking students.

The reference level for an entrance in seconde/Year 11 is B2/upper intermediate level. Please discuss with your English teacher what this level refers to precisely.

Before starting the school year, students must already be more than able to express themselves at some length, both orally and in writing.

There will be a summer reading assignment consisting in reading at least TWO FULL BOOKS IN ENGLISH each year so be prepared

Quite deceptively, the International Section in 2nde and the BFI in 1ere and Terminale is NOT AN OPTION, which means that grades below 10/20 will impact the overall grade that students get for their Baccalaureate and their mention.


When you apply to the section, try and answer the following questions

- Am I ready to work more than my friends who are not in the British Section ?

- Do I like reading ? How much effort will it be to read 3-5 books in English per school year ? Will I still have the time (and desire) to read more books in English ?

- Do I like working in groups ? speaking in public ? thinking differently ?-

- How will I get organised with my extracurriculars activities ?

- Am I ready to commit for all three years of high school?

- Am I ready to study History and Geography both in French and in English; and to work in one or the other language independently (as one subject taught for instance in English won’t be taught in French but must be mastered in both languages)