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With the Seconde students from the International British Section, a trip to archaeological records from the Roman World (Rhône)

Par BERNARD VILLERMET, publié le jeudi 31 octobre 2019 16:24 - Mis à jour le jeudi 31 octobre 2019 16:39
The roman theater, Lugdunum

Text : Matthis Lagarde, Seconde OIB                Image : Mohamed Abdelkader, Seconde OIB 


On the 24th of september,  the Seconde OIB went on a trip to Lyon and St-Romain-en-Gal (Rhône) , to see the roman ruins and the museum. We arrived around 10 am, and started the tour with the theatre, the odeon and a quick explanation from our teacher, Mr. Villermet.

This place was created for the god Lug, who could be compared to Mercure for the Romans. The theatre had a capacity of 10 000 people and was used for tragedies and comedies. There was another theatre, smaller this time, which was used to read poems and play music.

Then we went to the museum and we learnt about the archaeological site. We split into two groups : one learnt about roman technologies, such as the aqueducts, and the other group listened to explanation about the political structure of the roman Gaul.

After that, we went to the St-Romain-en-Gal museum. Ruins were discovered during the creation of a high school, and then during the building of the museum, romans thermae were uncovered on the same field. The museum opened in 1996.

Several objects have been found in this place, such as mosaics, taps, poteries… Through those, archaeologists were able to discover a lot about the roman culture in Gaul, such as the different ways Romans had to show their wealth, or the commercial relationship the Gaul had with the rest of the roman empire.